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A Handbook for Cultural Heritage Institutions


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Cover text:
Security is a major problem faced by all cultural heritage institutions worldwide. Buildings and collections need to be protected from theft and intrusion, from decay, damage, fire and other disasters, and the safety of visitors and staff ensured. With comprehensive coverage of all the issues, this book is the definitive practical guide to museum security and protection. It is relevant to all cultural institutions, whatever their size and available resources, from the largest national museum, country house, or park, to the smallest local museum, country house, or park, to the smallest local museum or archaeological site in a developing country. Written by a team with extensive experience, using a clear, accessible style with numerous practical action guides and checklists, MUSEUM SECURITY AND PROTECTION establishes new standards for security practice internationally.


Section I Basic protection services

1. Cultural Property Security and Protection Theory
Action Guides:
1a Common Security Mistakes
1b Protection problem identification
1c Developing nation cultural institution protection survey
1d Protection program management system

2. Cultural protection duties and responsibilities
Action guides:
2a Protection institution policy guide
2b Protection manager job description
2c Protection orientation materials
2d Security procedures guide

3.Vigilance and guard servicesAction Guides:
Action guides:
3a Protection staff post order
3b Protection staff reaction guide
3c Protection staff duty analysis
3d Incident report guide
3e Protection staff performance objectives

4. Protection, security, and conservation of collections
Action Guides:
4a Collection management policy guide
4b Professional collection ethics policy guide
4c Work consideration elements from background checks
4d Internal theft prevention program guide
4e Fine art handling rule guide
4f Guide to environmental elements which damage collections

Section II Building protection services

5. Physical security
Action guides:
5a Gardens and grounds rule guide
5b Crowd control guide

6. Building management and control
Action guides:
6a Property control rule guide
6b Indentification and access control rule guide
6c Exhibit area rule guide
6d Security levels for collection storage
6e library and archive protection rule guide
6f Important emergency building systems

7. Electronic building protection
Action guide:
7a motion detector alarm installation guide
8. Building fire protection
Action guide:
8a Fire prevention inspection report guide

9. Building construction, renovation, and rehabilitation
Action guides:
9a Construction management planning and coordination guide
9b Exhibit installation and demolition security guide
9c Major exhibit and minor construction protection guide
9d Major construction and renovation protection guide
9e New and rehabilitation construction security guide
9f Cultural institution new building agenda guide
9g Construction contractor security guide

Section III Special protection services

10. Non-building cultural property protection
Action guides:
10a Legal recommendations for national legislation on the protection of cultural property
10b Interpol theft reporting guide
10c Cultural property loan security levels
10d Facility report guide
10e Collection security transit guide
10f Cultural property protection guide for release to the press

11. Personal safety in cultural institutions
Action guides:
11a Personal safety program or policy guide
11b Accident or injury report guide
11c Accident prevention inspection guide
11d Personal safety inspection report guide
11e Staff personal safety program guide

12. Emergency planning operation
Action guides:
12a Emergency risk analysis assessment
12b Emergency plan guide
12c Emergency calling or notification guide
12d Emergency services and supplies guide