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    WHNEWS and the Newsletter will also provide an opportunity for Sites, States Parties, and other organizations to announce events and other news to both the World Heritage Centre and to other World Heritage sites.
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    The ICOM-L Discussion List

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    Subject: Usage guidelines for ICOM-L

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    Welcome to the International Council of Museums centraldistribution list, ICOM-L. Please read the entire followingtext before using the list. You will also receive instructionsfor the operation of the LISTSERV facility in a separate message.Please study that text, as well. You may wish to pay particularattention to the procedures that it describes for obtainingcopies of previous contributions to the list.

    Two other technical details which you should also keep in mindare that you will not automatically receive copies of messagesthat you send to the list. You may change this and othersubscription settings according to your own requirements asexplained in the LISTSERV instructions. Also, if mail sent to youfrom the list is repeatedly returned as undeliverable, yoursubscription will be set to NOMAIL. This means that although yourname will remain on the list, you will not receive any furthermailings from it until you make the corresponding change in yoursubscription settings.

    The ICOM-L Charter is stated immediately below. You arerespectfully requested to refrain from participating in thelist's activity if you do not find the terms of its Charter to beacceptable.

    ICOM-L is intended to provide the electronic network communitywith a forum for the discussion of ICOM's activities. Listmembers receive official announcements about the availability ofICOM documents on archive sites on the Internet, as well asgeneral news and information about ICOM's scheduled events.

    Although the submission of material originating outside ICOM isboth expected and welcome, list members are asked to rememberthat ICOM-L is intended for the discussion of issues relating toICOM and its activities. There are other distribution lists, mostnoteably MUSEUM-L, that may be more suitable for generalmuseological issues and ICOM-L should not be seen as simply onemore list to which material must be posted if the contributorwishes to address the entire museum community.

    Only registered members of MUSWEB-L may address communications toit. The ability to obtain listings of the names and e-mailaddresses of its members is similarly restricted.

    The list may not be used for commercial advertising. You arewelcome to describe goods and services that you feel may be ofinterest to the other list members, including price information,as long as you stringently avoid hype. This includes subliminalmessages in e-mail signatures. The sole right to determine whatis acceptable in this regard is held by the maintainer of thelist.

    This list is moderated and you may expect action to be taken fromtime to time in order to keep discussion from wandering too faroff target. The distribution of such things as press releases andannouncements that have been addressed to numerous other listsmay be withheld without comment. A message consisting of theverbatim quote of another message that has already been sent tothe list adding a one or two word remark along the line of,"Bravo", "I agree" or "Me too", may be treated in a similarmanner. Also, please keep in mind that ICOM-L is not beingmaintained simply as a lower-traffic alternative to anypre-existing museum list.

    Communications that are relevant to the list but which have alsobeen sent to other lists will be forwarded to MUSWEB-L only ifthe moderator feels that it is unlikely that a substantial numberof list members will see the message elsewhere.

    All contributions posted on the list are stored in publiclyaccessible archives. By posting to the list you agree to haveyour communication made available in this manner. You may accessthese archives either via LISTSERV according to the instructionsprovided when you joined the list or at:

    Please observe normal rules of network etiquette and brevity whenposting to the list. Avoid automatic extensive quoting ofcommunications upon which you are commenting. Do not under anycircumstances use any form of "attachment" to communicationsaddressed to the list. Documents that are too long for convenientdissemination by direct posting to the distribution list canalways be placed on a Web site and the list used for callingattention to the relevant URL.

    Every message sent to the list may not be deliverable to all listmembers. Depending on the configuration of an individualrecipient's e-mail system, such as limitations on mailbox size,you may occasionally receive notification of delivery failure.This does not indicate any problem with the distribution list,itself.

    Host services for ICOM-L are provided by the InternationalCouncil of Museums with the support of the Department ofInformation Technology at the Swedish Museum of Natural Historyand L-Soft international, Inc.

    The list owner is:

    Cary Karp

    Please note that the list owner does not provide manualassistance with the operation of LISTSERV unless provided with anexplanation of the reason why the automated facility cannot beused.