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Moglie e marito avevano iniziato un redditizio commercio online

Roma, 8 mar. (Apcom) – Avevano rubato delle statue a forma di angelo da una delle cappelle del cimitero locale, e avevano ben pensato di venderle su Ebay via internet: i carabinieri della stazione di San Donaci, in provincia di Brindisi, sono riusciti a recuperare alcune opere rubate grazie al monitoraggio del noto sito di e-commerce. La fotografia degli angeli allegata all’inserzione ha permesso di accertare che le statue erano quelle rubate qualche giorni prima.

Durante la perquisizione domiciliare effettuata presso l’abitazione dell’inserzionista, oltre alle due statue, sono stati trovati anche numerosi altri oggetti di natura ecclesiastica, la cui provenienza è ora al vaglio del nucleo di tutela patrimonio culturale di Bari. L’inserzionista era una casalinga del tarantino che, insieme al marito, aveva intrapreso questo redditizio lavoro. Per loro è scattata la denuncia di ricettazione.


March 9th, 2009

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Bronze Age axes sold on ebay
8:50am Monday 16th February 2009

BRONZE Age axes found in Buckinghamshire using illegal metal detection were sold on internet auction site ebay, English Heritage warned today.

It said the practice, known as “nighthawking” was putting the country’s heritage at risk.

The axes were sold to a collector in the Netherlands who, realising its importance, reported it to the authorities.

The axes are now in the Buckinghamshire County Museum.

Yet English Heritage said although the axes were recovered, vital information about where they were found was lost forever.

A statement said: “The police initiated an investigation but were unable to trace the original finders. As a result, the exact location of the find spot could not be identified.

“We are left with an important collection of old Bronze objects but with no possibility of finding out whether they are an isolated deposit or associated with a settlement.

“All details of how they were buried were lost forever, along with it information on the people who buried them.”

Yet the county was not among those with the highest incidences of nighthawking, English Heritage said.

The body warned prosecutions are “at an all time low and penalties are woefully insufficient”.

It said: “Illegal metal detecting is the search and removal of antiquities from the ground using metal detectors without the permission of the landowners or on prohibited land such as scheduled monuments.

“It is a form of theft and can be prosecuted under the Theft Act.”


February 16th, 2009

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* Mexico recovers 929 pre-Columbian pieces. “Dealers in the United States exhibit stolen stuff on Web sites, exhibit stolen stuff in their galleries.
And nobody does anything”

* France. Sept pièces d’art sacré, dont la valeur totale est estimée à 5 millions d’euros, ont été découvertes jeudi

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* Life-size statue stolen from Vancouver park

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* SHARON. Stolen painting ‘priceless’ to family; Ex-neighbor accused of taking it pleads innocent


June 21st, 2008

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Keeping eBay at BayBy Simon HewittPublished: March 29, 2008 Web giant eBay should be banned from operating in France unless it conforms to domestic auction law, says the country’s auction watchdog, the Conseil des Ventes. (more…)

March 29th, 2008

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